Feeling Mischievous

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like following the rules.  Sometimes you want to bend them pretty damn far and start to hear a ticking sound before it cracks. So, this is one of those nights…

I should run
On the double
I think I’m in trouble
I think I’m in trouble
I think I’m in trouble
(from Trouble by Lindsey Buckingham)

There is a wine for such an occasion, Troublemaker. It is a red blend from Paso Robles and like anything mischievous, it is more than expected.  A little complicated if you will, but not so much that you will run from it. Just that it has layers, like…like…like Shrek. Now, it is not sweet like an onion or a  parfait (the comparison starts around :46)  but really quite daring.


This wine had layers and it was really very good.  It sparked imagination and reminds us that although the name inspires fun and a little bit of misbehavior it is worthy of our time and attention.

This was a perfect wine for when you are feeling a bit on edge or really in touch with your feelings. No, not emotional, but bluesy like that pulse that can vibe through you when listening to the blues. A big resurgence in the blues was attributed to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble.  Now, this is a red and does not need to be served like revenge-cold. But, to make sure you understand the blues reference and pay tribute to one of the great artists of all time, here is Cold Shot, for your listening pleasure.

I don’t want to intimidate you with this wine, so I am just telling you it is one that you can use to break the rules. For example, serve it with chicken dishes, or around a campfire. You see there are no rules and you can drink what you like, that is the message. This wine will adapt to your personality and worth the effort to go and find.

In case you think I am showing some age on this by throwing it back with song references, this Troublemaker also goes with today’s talents of Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson, here is their version of Trouble.


It is able to handle multiple personalities like Sybil but it is really straightforward and telling you up front, raise your glass and celebrate you! Cheers!

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