This is not the first blog on enjoying wine but I guarantee it will have a strong finish. I do not believe in pretense and I also believe in trusting your own taste buds when learning and exploring the plethora of wines available. Plethora is not a big word, just one that is fun to say and proves I did learn something in 6th grade.

My approach to how to enjoy a wine is to help you learn contributing factors on how the flavors are intensified or weakened.  Factors such as food (nothing new there), but also occasions, weather, activities, mood, thus enabling you to tailor your wines to your personality and perhaps of your guests.  In the meantime, I get to explore and continue learning as I strive to share what I have learned, listen to your opinion and hopefully meet and have a few guest posts from time to time.

Thank you for joining me in this journey and I hope you have some fun.  Not to offend anyone, I am blonde, a natural blonde and have been my entire life. I have used it to my advantage and on the rare case where I make a mistake (or maybe not so rare), I claim it as my blonde right.  Thus, I chose TheBlondeGrape to remind us to stay on the lighter side and enjoy what we drink, if not, what is the point? Have fun and Celebrate You!

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