Life With Water Restrictions

One of my favorite Bible passages is when Jesus turns water into wine. It is proof that wine is a necessity in life and a reminder that good people, work hard, play harder and celebrate the wonders of the grape. Recently, where I live one of the water tanks is now missing water. This post is not a post about anger and the fact that we can’t water our lawns or the fact that they have no idea where the water went (grumble, grumble)  but a post on what would be the best wine to quench our thirst when H2O is lacking.

Krug with rose bush

Let’s start with a refreshing chardonnay from perhaps one of the oldest vineyards in Napa Valley. Charles Krug, in particular, the 2014 Chardonnay.  It is a light and crisp chardonnay that as the sun descends upon the earth will not cause you to sink with it. Rather, you can sit back and stay cool as you go about your evening routine. I placed this bottle next to our rose-bush, for no apparent reason other than I think it is cool and although tempted to try to reverse wine into water, I am selfish and prefer it as wine. I really like the Carneros area as well and this is a good wine to have while you are standing in your yard ranting with the neighbors about how you have to water the yard by hand.

As the evening progresses and you settle in for a movie, I often like to change direction and add some color.  One of my favorite vineyards is Dry Creek Vineyard.  I have never had a bad bottle and I absolutely love the ships they use on the their labels. So, it is a dry red with a ship on the label, so I placed it on the cement and in the grass…again for no apparent rhyme or reason other than I thought it was cool and a bit ironic that it has been dry docked.

This wine is too good to spill a single drop.  It is full of flavor but again not heavy.  This zinfandel is excellent as the seasons change from summer to fall or late spring, but you really can never go wrong with this fabulous red. A side story,  I ordered this in a restaurant once and the waiter still addressed my husband saying how it was such a great choice for wine and then looked at me (the one who ordered it) and said, very pretty bottle.  Yes, that could be a rant for later.

20160622_212227_resized (2)  So, to conclude. Don’t waste water and never waste wine. To reverse the blessing and make wine into water may be divine intervention but I think He got it right the first time. Enjoy and celebrate you!


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