Doing What Dad’s Do

The tide is changing and that is a great thing.  For many years, most of my life, dads have been getting a bad rap. Some of the baby daddy’s that abandon the role may deserve it but truth is there are more dads that step up to the plate when they are placed in a roll that did not come with instructions.

DAds day

Truly, to increase the odds of raising happy, healthy, successful children it requires teamwork among all family. But, dads do take the brunt in many ways as they are often portrayed as goofy, clueless and lost. But, to those dads that show up, it does not go unnoticed.

I can never say that I never took my dad for granted, but I also can say that I always knew his value, his heart and his love for me. My dad taught me the importance of a sense of humor, an appreciation of the arts, courage to go after my dreams, how to navigate via the stars, respect for water and so much more.  I miss him more than words can say. Today, my husband as much as I give him a hard time, is excellent for reminding our kids the importance of play, the value of working hard so you can play harder and the power of unconditional love.  He lets our daughter put tons of pony tails in his short hair, supports my son’s desire to play tennis, my eldest daughter’s passion for travel.  It is not easy letting go of the kids but he sees their potential and protects us all from danger. We are grateful and we love him.

So, how did we spend Father’s Day. We went to see Finding Dory


 unknown credit but found in search for images with the following credit:

Ventured to one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants, La Hacienda.  Obligatory shot of food porn–yes, this was delicious.  Although, I recommend a little less lettuce for my California Fish Tacos next time.  Of course, the margarita made me not care about the abundance of lettuce.

He endured watching soccer. My daughter and I love it and the teams were Switzerland and France.  Click here to learn about Three Ripped Shirts and Burst Ball  from ESPNfc. But, in turn, we had to listen to him talk about the “drama” regarding a ball moving in the US Open.  Did the wind cause it to move, was it the way the Dustin Johnson was standing? I must admit, it put a bit of excitement in the game and I don’t think it fair, but I am not the one whispering in the booth to know one way or another.

The day not being over yet, we will continue the celebration with a French wine (again homage to the European Championship Soccer) but keep it very light as we had temps near 100 degrees today. Yes, I know it is a dry heat but it is still hot.


So dads, keep doing what you do. We may tease you but we do love you. Stay in the moment and keep us playing.  Cheers!

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