Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

What a treat, tonight I was able to work late at a networking event. I am not married to my work, the event was for the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau and they held it at the Pikes Peak International Raceway.  So, yes I was able to mingle with some great people and schmooze but I got to get into a race car, drive really fast and have a “shake and bake” moment.  Yes, yes I did. If you visit the Pikes Peak Region, check out both of the above, you will be guaranteed high altitude fun!

My good friend and adrenaline junkie Amanda Finch Madison.  Master of the hairpin turns.

We cranked the music up but they were not playing any of the songs on the Top 25 Racing Car Songs.  They weren’t even playing songs by The Cars .  But, the song in my head that was coaxing me into the driver’s seat was an oldie I owned on a 45. Commander Cody and “Hot Rod Lincoln”  ” My pappy said son you gonna drive me to drinkin’ if you don’t stop driving that hot rod lincoln” which begs the question, what beverage do you pair with racing?

 Most of the time it would be beer.  Hunter S. Thompson said “Good people drink good beer” and he was right.  One of the evenings sponsors was one of my favorite local breweries, Colorado Mountain Brewery. But, I say accelerate your taste buds and have a beverage of true effervescence, one that is known to celebrate bravery, victory and strength…yes, drink sparkling wine (or Champagne but only if you dare or you are right. Learn how to be right by clicking here)

A vignette of sparkling wine. Domaine Carneros is the domestic Taittinger from the Carneros Valley of California.
A vignette of sparkling wine. Domaine Carneros is the domestic Taittinger from the Carneros Valley of California.

You really can never go wrong with bubbles in your flute.  For the record, I did not choose this particular vineyard Domaine Carneros because it had car in the name.  Okay, perhaps I did, but it is the USA domestic version of Taittinger.  It is a bit drier, smokier and one of my favorites. Carneros is a great region to explore, Napa is too, but why do what everyone else does.   I hope you raise a glass and enjoy. Celebrate You and your drive in life!


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