Pairing Wine with Rain

When Hiking, One Must Set the Priorities

A recent hike to Eleven Mile Reservoir in Lake George, we were visited by afternoon rainstorms.  These downpours would time themselves perfectly so that grilling would be difficult. It was a routine as it rained upon arrival, which was around dinner time and the second day after a full day of hiking and kayaking. Two nights in a row without dinner but as you can see by the image below, as the rain tried multiple times to permeate the tent, the wine stood strong and was unaffected.

Tent and wine
Happy Feet, A Clos du Bois Chardonnay
Happy Feet in Color
It was a long storm, this wine was fantastic. Bodegas Breca 2013

Now, some of you may be thinking the movie with Penguins when one says Happy Feet. If you are more like me, you think back to Steve Martin and his Happy Feet Routine. This is not revealing my age as I have older brothers but getting old is relevant, considering if we do it right, we age like wine and improve over time. So, my dancing may suffer but after a great day in the outdoors, it is great whether rain or shine, to sit back and drink wine.




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