Long Day at Work…What to Drink?

Sometimes 8 hours Seems Like Forever

Well, I hate to break it to you.  There are jobs you hate and jobs you love and the hard part is finding which one you can truly love.  They say follow your passion and sometimes that is difficult to do but we should never stop trying.  This means we may have to share that pursuit with life, but we should continuously pursue as it is part of our inalienable rights to pursue happiness.  Now, for me to follow my own advice too…wait a minute, I started this blog, so I am taking some of my first steps. Thanks for indulging me in this venture.

Tonight, both my husband and I had a long day. So as we began to unwind from the day and start a new Netflix series, (we chose Sherlock) we also turned to one of my favorite vineyards.  Cline Cellars,  I love their zinfandels, whether old vine, regular and this new red blend…Cashmere.  What!!!! Yes, although summer is coming, I knew this red would wrap me up with a smoothness that would enable me to sit back and watch Benedict Cumberbatch unravel the latest mystery with amazing style.

Now,  if you are like me, when you heard the name, you instantly thought of Led Zeppelin.  You may have thought of sweaters, but I am betting you heard Robert Plant in your head and if you didn’t, you probably do now.  I will admit, I heard classic pulsating, rhythmic blend when I saw it on the shelf at the wine shop.  It called me to give it a try and I am very glad I did.  It fits my personality to a tee.   Now, I am not going to deprive you of actually listening to a classic, so here is your link:  Kashmir.  I know the spelling is different, but I can have creative license.

Enjoy this fabulous wine after a long day’s work.  You will smile and the blood will be pulsing through your veins, reminding you to work hard, play hard and celebrate you!

Try Cashmere…I post it twice because of the name.  You can never experience it just one time.  Enjoy, and like Austin Powers said, be responsible but still be groovy baby 😉